Saturday, December 20, 2008


This was supposed to be a Christmas card, but well, I got side tracked and it just a fun thank you card! And after Christmas, thank you cards are needed in abundance. The colored were inspired by the ribbon. Are you staying warm? It is supposed to be below zero here in the northwest with the windchill tonight, and there is a "possibility" according to the weather guy that we will lose our power. hmmmmm, below zero temps and no heater! Doesn't that sound fun! I stayed up late last night and spend a bit of time today finishing my sewing for Christmas. I found the cutest pattern for a skirt for my girls this summer, and recently found just as cute fabric. So.... I've been sewing, but that is another post. Have a great weekend! I'm not sure when I'll post again, if the power goes out and is anything like the last time it went out during a winter storm, it will be a while. Two years ago we were without power for 7 days just before Christmas. That one caught me off gaurd, this one I'm prepared for, least I'm ready for Christmas!

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Maren said...

So sweet! I love that ribbon.