Monday, October 26, 2009

Pie for breakfast?

I made this card in honor of my friend Tiffany - her family hosts a Thanksgiving Pie Breakfast on Thanksgiving morning. Sure there is pie after dinner, but this way you can really enjoy the pie without being stuffed from the meal! What a great idea! She said her mom once made something like 15 pies! (or something like that!) just about any kind you can imagine! mmmmm - I've started making my list of pies I want for thanksgiving this year -- we definitely will be borrowing her tradition! Pumpkin, Apple, Marion berry, perhaps a chocolate cream pie or maybe a lemon cream or meringue....this list could go on and on.... What is your favorite pie?


Carrie Fowler said...

:) On my mom's side of the family, we like to consider Thanksgiving as "Pie Day". We've even thought about having turkey pot pies for dinner so to get some turkey in. We consider it a perfect thanksgiving when the person to pie ratio is 1:1. :) Lots and lots of pies and choices. :) Once my cousin got up early and went to McDonalds and got little apple pies so we had pie for breakfast too ! Loved it !

Tiffany said...

Yep - she makes 15 or more every year. One year she also carted all 15 from IL to CO. My dad had to make a special "pie carrier" in the car. Truly a time honored tradition. I'm salivating already.