Thursday, December 20, 2007


Today's question is do you do holiday baking? I love to bake for the holidays. I usually host a cookie swap at the beginning of Dec and I keep baking until Christmas. I love to share fun holiday treats with my family and friends. Here is one of my favorite recipes:

Mint Truffles
1 8oz package cream cheese - room temp
1 package mint oreos (or store brand) - finely crushed
chocolate chips

mix cream cheese and oreos in mixer until well blended. shape into 1" balls - i use my smallest cookie scoop. Chill for 30 minutes. melt chocolate chips and dip the oreo balls into the melted chocolate. I keep the chocolate over low in a double boiler so it doesn't harden. I used about 1 and a half bags this time, but it just depends on how much chocolate you want around the truffle. Chill until hard. (a few hours)


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