Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Last week was full of a gazillion batches of caramel corn for Valentine's Day and 6 dozen cupcakes for a church fireside, (no pictures of those, althought they looked great and tasted even better I must admit!) so I thought I'd do a little scrapbooking this week. This page sat on my desk with just the pictures and "samantha" for a while. This morning, I was able to finish it up and it went from being one of my least favorite to one of my favorite pages. I stamped on the ribbon (the first time) and love how it turned out. I used Olivia from Lizzie Anne

Designs. In the picture the little piece of paper with the primas and pink brads really stands out, but irl, it doesn't. It matches the dots in the paper. I rarely use a whole piece of patterned paper on a layout. I think that is what bugged me about this layout for so long, but i'm at peace with it now :) Have a great day!

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