Monday, February 11, 2008

a sunday morning find....

me: (fixing Little Dude's hair for church) go find your sister so I can do her hair too.

she leaves, doesn't return.

me to hubby: where's Little Bit?

him: I don't know

me: not good - it's too quiet...the door to the bathroom is closed...she's hiding in the bathroom...with nailpolish!!! "i paint my toes mama, that be fun?" (in her cute sweet little voice!) and the bath tub and her dress, and the rug...oh dear. I grabbed the camera, only to hear "don't do will only encourage her, smile while I take your picture but you're in trouble!" He just doesn't understand the neccesity of having this picture! My thoughts were, don't get mad, get the camera, someday this will be funny. Anyone know how to get nailpoish out of the dress...she hasn't even worn it yet...

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