Thursday, April 17, 2008

I let go

Last night as I was scrapbooking, I realized I could in fact scrap "out of order." And my album won't be in order either. This is a first for me, all my albums are in order and I generally try to scrap in chronological order, but last night I decided I could go out of order. I think all the pictures from one year will be in one album, but not in order and for some reason, this makes me happy and more excited to scrap than I have been in along time! So here is one of the pages that I did last night, it is part of a two page layout, but I didn't photograph the other page. And this picture didn't take well, but it is what it is. The bow on the upper right corner is the same one that Little Bit is wearing in her hair. A simple page, but I love it and I love my girls!

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Carrie said...

Adorable picture of your girls !!!