Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Have you ever tried to get your 5 year old to pee in a cup or the "hat" at the dr's office. It isn't fun. After more than 10 minutes of screaming (her, not me) and tears from both of us and me giving up and ready to go tell the nurse it wasn't going to happen, she finally agreed to the "hat". It wasn't fun. She loves her dr, but she today wouldn't even look at her. Today has been a rough day for her, being on vaction with grandparents who adore her and relatives who loved to see her was so fun - back to reality at home, sometimes isn't so fun. Waking up at 7:30 to go to school has been rough the past two days, getting out of a routine for her is a hard thing, and much harder is coming back to that routine. I don't think I've been told that I'm hated so much in one day...I hope I'm not the only parent whose child tells them that. She would never dare say that to her dad, so why me? Or even in front of her dad. Today though, it didn't make me mad when she was so out of control, just wondering how to help her learn to control those emotions. ok enough of that. oh - a funny thing, what changed her mood? John Deer Green from Joe Diffie -- thanks PawPaw!
I'm working on some fun projects that I hope to finish soon...stay tuned. Oh, and vote tonight for American Idol...whose your favorite?

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"Lizzie" said...

ha ha ha. Yes I've had that doctor's office experience. I think my favorite Idol is David Cook.